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Mauricio Maceda.

Mauricio comes to the United States in the midst of the 2001 financial crisis, resolves and focuses on his dream. Now committed to educating and inspiring we are accompanied by a born entrepreneur: We welcome the Bolivian Mauricio Maceda

From a very young age, Mauricio became interested in business, he has a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing graduated from Universidad Del Valle, Bolivia.

Mauricio arrives in the United States at a time of financial crisis in his country, at that time Mauricio was not left behind in what he came to do, he managed to get other jobs to stay afloat that were not in the area that he had studied and He managed to use this as a stepping stone to get ahead. That moment led him to grow personally and get to where he is right now, with his focus and without losing his cool he now has his own business, he is successfully a community servant, his commitment leads him to educate and inspire as many people as possible.

He has been successful educating in the areas of business, finance, technology, and art. He owns Pronto Fin Services company focusing on marketing and insurance.

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Llega a los Estados Unidos en medio de la crisis financiera del 2001, resuelve y se enfoca en su sueño. Ahora comprometido a educar e inspirar nos acompaña un emprendedor nato: Le damos la bienvenida al Boliviano Mauricio Maceda 

Desde muy joven Mauricio se interesó por los negocios, es licenciado de Administración de  Empresas con un enfoque en Mercadeo graduado de la Universidad Del Valle, Bolivia. 

Mauricio llega a los Estados Unidos en un momento de crisis financiera en el país, en ese momento Mauricio no se quedó atrás en lo que venía a hacer, logró conseguir otros trabajos  para mantenerse a flote que no eran en el área que él había estudiado y logró utilizar esto como un escalón para salir adelante. Ese momento lo llevó a crecer personalmente y llegar a donde se encuentra ahora en estos momentos, con su enfoque y sin perder la calma ahora tiene su propio negocio, con éxito es un servidor de la comunidad, su compromiso lo lleva a educar e inspirar a muchas personas como le ha sido posible.

 Ha tenido éxito educando en el área de negocios, finanzas, tecnología y arte. El es dueño de la compañía Pronto Fin Services  enfocándose en mercadeo y seguros.

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